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Welcome to E2C Environmental

E2C Environmental, LLC (E2C) provides environmental consulting services to varied industries, supported by professionals having an average of 28 years of experience. We specialize in site assessment, remediation, and regulatory compliance services. Our experience gives us the ability to work in multiple industry sectors and allows us to focus and develop advanced approaches for our clients’ needs.

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At E2C we provide professional environmental consulting and engineering services to our clients with responsive, efficient, and quality expertise. What we do:

·       Site assessment and due diligence

·       Brownfield services

·       Environmental engineering

·       Groundwater and soil remediation

·       Regulatory compliance

·       Chemical and material management

·       Construction management

·       Data management

·       Health and safety support

·       Litigation support

·       Methane/VOC mitigation

·       Project management


We strive to offer quality, professional, expertise to clean the environment for future generations by building effective relationships with our clients and communities. Our clients include:

  •        Local, State, and Federal Government Programs

  •        Regulated Hazardous Material Sites

  •        Petroleum Retail

  •        Oil and Gas Production, Transportation, and Refining

  •        Industrial and Commercial Real Estate

  •        Brownfields Redevelopment

  •        Expert Witness and Legal Support

  •        Transportation Sector

  •        Waste Management

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  • Create a culture of safety 

  • Forge strong professional Relationships

  • Provide quality service 

  • Respect the Environment 

  • Build for the future 

What we're doing

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