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E2C personnel are leading consultants in remediation of impacted sites with on average 28 years of experience. Our experienced staff know that successful cleanup requires tried and true remedial solutions, the right approach based on site conditions, and innovative techniques. E2C recognizes the client’s needs for a rapid site evaluation, the right remediation approach, and closure of contaminated soil and groundwater sites.  We focus on reducing our client’s liability and expense, satisfying environmental regulatory requirements, and achieving site closure.

Source Locations include:

  • Fueling stations

  • Dry cleaners

  • Landfills

  • Coal bed methane seepage

  • Federal and State facilities

  • Industrial, commercial, and residential properties

  • Oil and gas production, storage and refineries

  • Transportation

Our Methods and Service Include:

  • Detailed site assessment

  • Pilot testing

  • Design

  • Construction and installation of mechanical systems

  • Construction management

  • Ex-situ treatment

  • In-situ treatment

  • Injection programs

  • Performance monitoring

  • Monitoring natural attenuation (MNA)

  • Fate and transportation modeling

  • Operation and Monitoring (O&M)

  • Soil vapor mitigation

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