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Compliance Services

E2C has vast knowledge of regulatory requirements that govern our client’s growth and development. We strive to build strong working relationships between our client and the regulatory groups to advance project growth.  


Chemical Management

E2C personnel are experts in federal, state, and local regulatory requirements for environmental compliance services for chemical management.  Chemical management services include: 

  • Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) plans 

  • Facility Response Planning (FRP) 

  • Emergency Response Plans 

  • Waste management 

  • Pollution prevention 


E2C supports permitting efforts for environmental compliance services including auditing and suggesting cost effective approaches, including the following types of permits: 


   Water Discharge Permits: 

  • Remediation system discharge 

  • Sanitary wastewater  

  • Industrial process water 

  • Mine/tailing discharges 

  • Construction dewatering 

  • Hydrostatic testing 


  • Monitoring and remediation wells 

  • Underground injection control  

  • Air emissions compliance 

  • Municipal construction 

  • Oil and Gas well and pit permit support

  • Stormwater

Compliance Monitoring:

  • Discharge monitoring/reporting 

  • Water well sampling/monitoring

  • Fenceline air monitoring

  • Stormwater inspections

Water treatment

  • Design & upgrade existing treatment

  • Operation and maintenance

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