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Our Team

At E2C, we are a team of highly skilled professionals with an average of 28 years of experience. We have the ability to support our clients with our key personnel and add support staff when needed.  Descriptions for E2C's principals are provided below.  

Eric Baum

Mr. Baum has 28 years of professional experience as a construction manager, environmental technician, and site supervisor. He has provided installation, operation, and maintenance services as well as engineering support on projects involving remediation of petroleum hydrocarbons. methane and hazardous materials. He has provided technical support on the construction and design and operation of pump and treat, air sparging and soil vapor extraction, and injection applied remediation systems. He has conducted and provided oversight of excavations for removal of hydrocarbon-impacted soils for property redevelopment where oil and gas production or other industrial uses had occurred. Provided remediation support and oversight of buried tank removals and excavations at retail fueling facilities in Colorado, Wyoming, California and Florida. Completed industrial cleanup of PCB dust, drum and waste management at former mineral processing facility, and agricultural tank dismantling. Expertise in electrical troubleshooting, pump and blower maintenance and repair, and facility decommissioning.  

Chris Shephard P.E.

Chris Purcell C.P.G.

Chris  is a professional engineer who has over 38 years of experience in multiple aspects of the environmental consulting profession.  He has built teams, obtained work and led the remediation practice with projects involving petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons, metals and other contaminants. His experience includes environmental compliance plans, air and water monitoring, facility condition evaluations, environmental audits, site assessments, feasibility studies, pilot tests, remediation system design, permitting, construction management, system installation, startup, injection management, operations, and maintenance. He has applied for discharge permits and managed and conducted water treatment system operations and maintenance for construction dewatering projects and groundwater remediation projects.  

Mr. Purcell is a professional geologist who has over 23 years in the environmental consulting profession.  He has combined hands-on and project managerial experience in Site Assessment and Remediation involving chlorinates, petroleum hydrocarbons, and asbestos containing material.  He is proficient in Health, Safety, Compliance, and Risk Management in all facets of oil & gas production, transportation and refining, retail fueling, industrial, commercial, and transportation industries including military facilities.  Personnel and Operational Manager which includes hiring, onboarding, training, financial evaluating, correcting, mentoring, and career developing. 

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